Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Vallejo Model Air

I have recently bought two Vallejo Model Air colours for airbrushing. As the name suggests, this is Vallejo's range of paint made for airbrushing. The manufacturer claims that the pigment  is finely grounded compared to its other range. It's an acrylic paint so it's water soluble, great for those who hate the strong smell of solvent paints. From my initial test, I find it to be satisfactory. In my case, I bought two metallic paint, which are gold and bright brass. The name "bright brass" is abit  misleading because I would expect it to be, well, brass in colour. In reality it turned out to be silver with a light tint of gold. For airbrushing acrylic paint, I'll recommend Vallejo Air over Citadel any time.

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