Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sparmax DH-102

My first airbrush is this, the Sparmax DH-102, a dual action airbrush with 0.25mm nozzle. This is a reasonably priced airbrush with very fine line capability bought somewhere in 2001 in Singapore. I use the Sparmax compressor for my air supply, I've forgotten the model number though. The compressor has an air tank for regular air supply together with an auto on/off function when the tank has reached certain pressure. Sparmax is a Taiwanese brand and they produce fine tools. Spare parts are easily available in Singapore as such, this is a popular brand among modellers in the island. I have two spare needles and a spare nozzle. Since 2001, I have broken one needle but the nozzle is still alright. The only complain I have for this airbrush is the cup and nozzle size. The cup has  2 c.c. maximum capacity and it is not sufficient for painting larger area with more paint, like painting base coat  However, it is more than sufficient for detailing work. Another problem is the nozzle. While many modellers drool over 0.25mm nozzle, for my type of usage I found that it can be quite limiting especially when used with metallic paints. Mr.Hobby and Citadel's metallic will clog the nozzle, as the flecks from these paints are quite coarse for the 0.25 mm standard. However, Gaianote and Tamiya's metallic enamel will have no problem. Currently I use the Sparmax as my secondary airbrush.

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