Tuesday, 7 January 2014

MG Strike Rouge Gundam

This is my fourth MG kit, which was completed in 2004.

I remembered at that time, Gundam Seed was all the rage. Since I'm not a big fan of Alternate Universe, I don't pay much attention to mechs that are not in the Universal Century era.

However, there are of course exceptions to this. For me, one of the exceptions is the Strike Gundam.

Strike Rouge is based on the Aile Strike Gundam on a different colour scheme. While the Aile Strike uses the traditional cobalt blue and white scheme, the Rouge, as the name implies, uses red and pink scheme.

This was the first time I mixed and customised my own colour. A little bit daunting at first but it turned out to be fine.

The majority of the armour were painted with custom mixed pink and white paint. The rest was pretty much the original bottled colour.

 Since this was my first time mixing colours, I didn't want to get too ambitious with it so I opted to mix one type of colour only.  I love working with the decals of this kit, awesome design. 

The excess of the custom pink was used on the SD Strike Rouge. This is a well proportioned kit. It comes together with a figure of Cagari as well.

New joints design is used here, so this kit is very articulate. Comes with the launching pad/stand which is not shown here. I use the Bandai display stand instead. I'm still working on the launching pad.

It has a very nice back pack, but it is quite back heavy.

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